Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) is a 48-credit degree program (equivalent of 19 two-credit courses plus 3 four-credit courses). 

The first half of our program is devoted to tools of the trade and their use in modeling financial markets and instruments. The MSFE curriculum includes courses in asset pricing, stochastic processes, portfolio management, financial econometrics, and data analysis. Students make use of these methods in portfolio theory, derivatives valuation, and financial risk analysis.

The second half gives students an opportunity to take more advanced courses or study specialized topics, ranging from models of the term structure of interest rates to a study of the implied volatility smile, as well as a course on applications programming for financial engineering. Students can also choose from a variety of courses on particular markets and their models (eg, mortgage-backed securities or credit-risk modeling).

Requirements for admissions:

Students should have basic knowledge of the following subjects.:

  • Calculus I y II
  • Probability for statistics
  • Foundations in economics and finance 
  • Python and R

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MSFE Schedule 2022-I
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